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 Chao's Bio

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PostSubject: Chao's Bio   Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:46 pm

Hey guys, here's a little biography about me.

Real Name: Anthony
Age: 12
Favorite games: Club Penguin, Waddle World, Guitar Hero, and Runescape
School: (I don't want to tell anyone.)
Brothers: 0
Sisters: 1
Color(Black or White): White
Type: American
Nationality: Italian(I don't have that accent)
Gender: Male
Hobbies: Soccer, Computer, Guitar Hero, hanging out with my friends, cousins, or family, and gaming
Interests: Math, Science, History, Computers, Art, Programming - Flash, and others
Friends: I have alot - both from the forum and in real life
Other: I am always active, very helpful, very kind, and I am willing to do my best, plus I'm always active!
I pretty much dedicate my life to exciting things such as guitar, computer, video games, etc.

Club Penguin History:

One day I was at my cousin's on December 1, 2006.She was playing a game I never saw before called Club Penguin.She showed me around on it and I played ever since.The next month I begged for membership and became a member in late January, 2007.Ever since March, 2007 I have had every single catalog item(for boys) and I still go on alot today and make tons of buddies each day.I even make Club Penguin videos.I happily found out about pins just in time to get the fire one when I first joined.To me it is a very fun and great game and some day I wish to work for them.

Update: August 18th, 2008

Chao19 has been banned forever and can't ever be recovered.I am now using a penguin called Chao 19 which will be a member and hopefully be as good as Chao19 in afew years.

Update: October 10th, 2008

Unbelievable, I'm actually starting to like this account more than the banned Chao19!He has a lot of clothing already, he's almost 100 days old, he has more buddies than Chao19(kinda), and he is doing good on pins.I just wish old pins would return so Chao 19 would be perfect.

Waddle World:
I remember these good days.
One day(May 2007) in Club Penguin I heard that Sony tried to buy Club Penguin and rename it Waddle World.Then I found a result for the forum and clicked it which led me to the Waddle World forum.I found a clock which at first I thought was a count off to when Sony would but Club Penguin.
Then later in June 2007 I decided to join, and then next week I became an admin.I was still good at it considering I was a mod sometime around 3rd grade afew years back.
Anyways,Waddle was in a fight with these 3 mean users so I stood up for him.For 5 - 6 months I was a great admin until one day I heard the news that Waddle World planned to move.They did in January.I joined the new forum but Guin unfortunately got the lost admin spot and so I was demoted to Mod.I complained and was stuck to a normal member.Since then I continued to be active.Then in March Waddle World closed down to the new one opening soon.I still wonder if things can go back to normal.

Not too long ago, me and Waddle were in a fight with HP and some others.That caused us to possibly drop our friendship.As said, things need to return to normal.

Club Penguin Planet:
This is a short little story.The day Club Penguin Lighthouse closed I decided to check out the forum CPL wanted everyone to go to.It was Club Penguin Planet.I was really interested in it because I joined in Februrary during the purple or green theme.Then after the one day on Februrary 3rd, before I joined, Waddle50008 told me to join, and I did.But the next week I was grounded which explains much of my 2 month inactivity.Then another week later I was in the hospital for the day.Then after that in March, I found that my computer had to be restarted(the entire thing was cleared) and I was able to go back on but forgot about CPP.I was sent an url to the forum by a friend who I believe was Waddle.Finally,I checked out the forum again and logged in on April 7th, 2008.Ever since then, I have been on every day.
I met a lot of new buddies and I wish to be a great user.I am very nice, so don't be shy!

Oh, I'm the top poster of the forum and I have a custom rank for getting all the badges.

Thanks for reading my biography!Sorry if there is any grammar errors.
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Chao's Bio
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