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 The History of Chao: CP

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PostSubject: The History of Chao: CP   Sat Nov 01, 2008 8:43 pm

Ok, some of you know Chao19 has been banned forever.

Chao19 first joined on December 2nd, 2006.He was the 15,084,235 member to join Club Penguin.It was all because of my cousin(Icandy24 - Banned Forever in 2007) that I joined.She got the lifeguard pin in November.If she could of shown me alittle earlier, I would of obtained the lifeguard pin too.That was the day I got my first pin - the bonfire pin.I went into the ski lodge only to find a weird orange thing on the fireplace.I went up to it, and it was a pin!Afew days later, I got my first few items - the Santa Hat and Santa Beard from the Christmas Party 2006.I got the red bandanna from Rockhopper's visit.The Christmas Party of 2006 was truly the best party.Everything was burried in snow, and the decorations were just awesome.I even got the horribly rare Christmas Tree pin from the newspaper in 2006 for adding an ornament to the tree in the plaza.The GFX were still pretty weird back then.The beak and eyes looked odd, and the shadowing wasn't so good.After awhile, I noticed a ship at the Beach.I discovered Rockhopper, and this was his 2nd or 3rd trip on Club Penguin.This was also when the red puffles were released.If I was a member, I could of obtained the blue general jacket, blue snorkel, and so on.I had a chance to get the very rare target background, but I was a noob back then.Again, when I first met him during that visit, the item was an eyepatch.There were no quarters in the ship, no crows nest, and nothing but the base(entrance) of the ship, along with the journal.Remember, there was no Cove, Forsest, or Stage back then.There was no Tour Stand until the next month(much later), and there was no clock tower.Plus, there were only 2 mission called "Case of the Missing Puffles" and "G's Mission".I became an official Agent I believe on December 31st, 2006.The Jet Pack Game was the lastest game on Club Penguin at the time, and then the next month on January 7th, 2007 is when I became a member, and the first fiesta hapenned!Even the graphics were improved, but they were chubby and the penguins had big eyes.I've been making great buddies, and of course collecting every single pin(including the Christmas Tree pin from the paper of Christmas 2006).Anyways, I've been getting almost every item I've wanted from catalogs since Feburary 2007.Over time, I made some new accounts.I banned them for terrible language, which put a scar on my records with CP.This was also covering afew swear offences on Chao19.

Before I go on, I bet you're wondering how I get the name Chao19.If you've heard of a game called Sonic, there were these sweet little virtual creatures called Chao.At school, my number was 19.When my cousin showed me Club Penguin, that's what I came up with.

Back to the story!In Summer of 2007, I came across some great times on CP, along with meeting the one and only Heatblast227.I as well met another great buddy called Snowish15.At this point, I made my very first YouTube on June 2007.I've been making CP videos for over a year.This was truly the best Summer I've ever experienced on Club Penguin.During the 2nd Anniversary of CP, I collected my very first party hat(orange and yellow).I then became a year old in December.Later in 2008, more good buddies came along and I ran into the forum called CPP.Things only got better, along with more rare items and awesome parties.I still had the CPIP hat for testing.I had ever single pin since I joined.Then, on August 18th, 2008 - Chao19 was banned forever!I guess I made a big mistake using those bots(gee, thanks Waddle).After he was banned, I was so mad that I almost quit.Then I remembered my account Chao200.He has a good amount of stuff beyond late 2007, but he remains my backup.On Tuesday, August 19th, 2008 - Chao_19 is created!He is my new main CP account, and I'm starting to get all my buddies back.Infact, I almost have them all!If I was able to last the rest of October, I would have the 3rd(my 2nd) party hat.Right now, he's only missing 5 pins and still no clothing!I'll have to get him back one day.My progress with Chao 19 is doing pretty good right now.

Chao 19 became a member on August 29, 2008 and joined CP one day after his main account's ban - August 19th, 2008.Chao_19 is the 65,262,683 member to join Club Penguin.Yet again, his first pin was the dodgeball pin from the stage.He has been keeping up with every item since the August Clothing catalog, along with the backgrounds and pins.He still has everything since the date of membership.I was amazed to see how many old items are coming back such as the pink hoodie, blue duffle coat, and black mask.At the time, DJ3K was the latest game on CP.His first party was the Sports Party(Penguin Games) of 2008.His first few items were the 2 facepaints and the gold medal.The next month, the 2nd fall fair happened.I got the recolored yellow balloon pin, and all of the items.His first Rockhopper visit was on October 17th, 2008.Chao first met him on October 23rd, 2008.I got his background, his eyepatch as a free item from the hull, and he told us a story about ice cream pizza and treasure.Now, I was able to make it to the 3rd CP Anniversary(my 2nd).I was amazed at how well the 3rd Anniversary was set up.I got the blue, orange, and yellow party hat along with the Ice Cream apron and cake pin.Chao's first Halloween party was on October 29th, 2008.A huge storm came instead of an eclipse, plus this party was on a Wednesday.This is the oldest party on CP, and this was also the best partyof Fall 2008, atleast to me.I retrieved the Pumpkin Basket, but I wish they could of brought the scarf back.

Chao 19 remains with no offences, unlike Chao19 who recieved his first offence on December 17th, 2006.The story will go on very soon.

I used Chao19 on many of the forums I go on, by the way.
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The History of Chao: CP
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