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 The Forum Rules

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PostSubject: The Forum Rules   Sat Feb 09, 2008 10:36 pm

Please Read the Following Rules Attentively:

-Like On Many Forums Spamming is not tolerated. Therefore, Anyone
caught Spamming will be receiving a warning ( Or Infraction ) from an
Official Moderator or Administrator. ( Includes: Sexual Images, Links,
Avatars And Signatures)

-Off Topic Messages were one of the many reasons waddle World Had to
move. This Forum Will not allow Off Topic Messaging. You Must Stay on
topic, At All times. If you have something to say please take advantage
of the Private Message System. ( Note: Using BTT is prohibited and
considered off Topic. )

-Do Not be Rude, and Un-patient. Remember that Staff Members here work
Free Of Charge and do not need to take your rudeness. Being Rude hurts
people, Understand sometimes not everything is perceived as you think.

-Double Posting is again against the rules. You are not allowed to post two consecutive messages.

-Reviving Old Threads. After Several days a thread will be sunk to the
bottom of the page possibly on further pages. Please do not post in
these threads.

-Please Note That You can not Advertise Your Forums/Blogs/Websites on
these forums. You may only do so in your signature or we will do so for
you if you are a partner.

-You may only have one account, Two accounts are not necessary.

-Don't ask to be a member of the staff, only ask if you choose not to be one.

-The age limit here is 8 so ages 8 and below are not welcome.

-Don't reveal and personal information due to stalkers.

-Don't be Racist, that's not necessary.

These are The Waddle World Rules.
Please Note the Rules will possibly change, however announcements will be made in those cases.

Thank you for reading the preceeding rules attentively, Waddle50008
The Waddle World Team

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PostSubject: Re: The Forum Rules   Thu Mar 06, 2008 8:38 am

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The Forum Rules
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